Cuyabeno’s Twilight Shift: Crepuscular Wildlife

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon is a biodiversity hotspot that comes alive during the twilight hours. As the sun sets, the jungle transitions from day to night, and a unique set of wildlife emerges. At Cuyabeno Tucan Lodge, we invite you to explore this fascinating “twilight shift” and discover the crepuscular creatures that make this region so enchanting.

What is Crepuscular Wildlife?

Crepuscular animals are those that are most active during the dawn and dusk hours. These periods, known as crepuscular times, offer a unique opportunity to witness wildlife behaviors that are not typically seen during the day or night. The cooler temperatures and dim light provide an ideal environment for many species to forage, hunt, and interact.

The Magic of Twilight in Cuyabeno

Cuyabeno’s diverse ecosystem supports a wide range of crepuscular animals. During your stay at Cuyabeno Tucan Lodge, you can embark on guided tours to observe these fascinating creatures as they go about their nightly routines. Here are some of the crepuscular species you might encounter:

1. Night Monkeys (Aotus spp.)

Also known as owl monkeys, these nocturnal primates are most active during twilight hours. With their large, reflective eyes, they are perfectly adapted to low-light conditions. You might hear their distinct calls echoing through the forest as they communicate with each other.

2. Jaguars (Panthera onca)

The elusive jaguar, a symbol of the Amazon, often hunts during dawn and dusk. Although sightings are rare, the thrill of possibly encountering one of these magnificent predators adds an element of excitement to any twilight tour.

3. Spectacled Caiman (Caiman crocodilus)

These reptiles are often seen basking in the last rays of the sun along riverbanks. As the light fades, they become more active, venturing into the water to hunt for fish and other prey.

4. Bats

Cuyabeno is home to numerous bat species, which play a crucial role in the ecosystem. As twilight approaches, bats emerge from their roosts to feed on insects and fruits, contributing to seed dispersal and pest control.

5. Insect Chorus

The twilight hours are when the jungle’s insect chorus reaches its peak. From the rhythmic calls of cicadas to the continuous buzz of crickets, these sounds create a symphony that defines the twilight experience in Cuyabeno.

Enhancing Your Twilight Experience at Cuyabeno Tucan Lodge

At Cuyabeno Tucan Lodge, we offer tailored experiences to help you make the most of the twilight hours. Our expert guides are knowledgeable about the habits and habitats of crepuscular wildlife, ensuring that you have the best chance of observing these creatures in their natural environment.

Twilight Canoe Tours

Glide silently along the waterways as the sun sets, watching as the jungle transforms. Our twilight canoe tours provide a unique vantage point for spotting wildlife and appreciating the serene beauty of the Amazon.

Guided Night Walks

Venture into the forest with our experienced guides to discover the hidden world of crepuscular and nocturnal animals. Equipped with flashlights, you’ll explore the jungle floor and understory, uncovering the secrets of the twilight shift.

Photography Opportunities

Twilight offers excellent lighting conditions for photography, with soft, diffused light that enhances the natural beauty of the Amazon. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to capture stunning images of Cuyabeno’s wildlife and landscapes.


Cuyabeno Tucan Lodge offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the magic of the Amazon’s twilight shift. From the haunting calls of night monkeys to the stealthy movements of jaguars, the crepuscular wildlife of Cuyabeno provides a unique and unforgettable adventure. Join us at the lodge to explore this enchanting world and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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