Unlocking Cuyabeno: Diverse Routes to the Amazon Gateway

Introduction: Your journey to Cuyabeno Bridge opens new avenues with a shuttle option. Explore the comprehensive guide below to navigate the diverse routes, ensuring a seamless arrival and departure from this enchanting entry point to the Amazon Rainforest.

Option 1: Direct Bus from Quito – Transportes Putumayo:

  • Departure: 21:30 from Quitumbe station, Quito.
  • Company: Transportes Putumayo.
  • App Assistance: Download MapsMe to pinpoint Cuyabeno Bridge.
  • Arrival & Wait: Arrive at Cuyabeno Bridge, locate the Ministry of the Environment, and nearby restaurant.
  • Guide Pickup: Wait until 11 am for the lodge guide to collect you.

Option 2: Shuttle Bus from Quito – Cost-Effective and Direct:

  • Departure: 23:30 from Quito.
  • Arrival: 9:30 am at Cuyabeno Bridge.
  • Cost: $30 one way, $60 round trip per person.
  • Return Journey: Arrive back in Quito around 22:00.

Option 3: Flight to Coca with Additional Costs:

  • Additional Costs: Car from Coca to Cuyabeno Bridge ($130 one way), private canoe, and guide for the first day ($200).
  • Return: Consider additional costs for the return journey from Coca.

Note: Download MapsMe for Navigation:

  • Use MapsMe for all options to ensure accurate navigation.
  • Reminder to the Driver: Remind the bus, car, or shuttle driver to inform you when you are near Cuyabeno Bridge.

Conclusion: With the addition of a shuttle bus option, your journey to Cuyabeno Bridge becomes even more versatile. Choose the route that best suits your preferences, ensuring a hassle-free and unforgettable adventure into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

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